Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Photoshop CS5 Keyboard shortcuts - mini-tutorial - and free chart for you!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Hey Blog-friends! 

I just wanted to share a quick little tut - and a file as well.   When I first upgraded from PS-Elements to the full version of Photoshop (PSE to PSCS2), I found a handy chart somewhere that had the main keyboard shortcuts all put together on a page that I was able to print out and put by my monitor - it was SOo handy, and really helped me learn the shortcuts (which really do save a LOT of time!)... but I recently (finally - YAY!) upgraded to PSCS5 (can I say I am officially IN. LOVE. with this software!! LOL!) and thought it would be nice to have a list of shortcuts once again, since there are so many new bells and whistles!  I found a couple of sites that will SELL you one of their handy-dandy charts, but I'm too cheap (especially since I just forked out the money for PSCS5!) and really wanted to get the chart for FREE!  SO, I did a little poking around in the software, and found the list!  (Adobe is really very clever in how they tuck some of these things away, making you hunt them down!) 

SO, I figured I must not be the only one who would like to have a handy-dandy shortcut chart, and decided to make up a super-quick little tutorial on how you can print out your own.  (It is so easy, I'm almost embarrassed to call it a "tutorial" - but maybe someone else will be like me, not knowing how to get the list until now) 

Basically 4 steps:    (if you need to see this larger, click on it to see full-size image)

And here is what you should have open in your internet browser:

That's it!  Easy, no?   Now I just took it one step further, and copy/pasted this into a new document, so that I could eliminate all of the un-assigned tools, etc., because the html page, copied into a document, was originally 27(!!) pages long!!   I don't have ROOM to post a 27-page chart by my monitor! LOL!!  So I condensed it to just the main, pre-assigned shortcuts, cutting it down to just three 2-column pages. 

I use Open Office (a free open-source software compatible with Microsoft Office (and possibly Word/Works?), so it should open for most of you (hopefully!)   (In case you're looking for a FABulous free alternative for your documents - including word-processing, spreadsheets, and a couple other things, do check out OpenOffice.org - I'll never use the expensive stuff again, cuz OO is definitely just as good!)   If you have trouble opening my document, please let me know (in the comments) and I'll re-save and re-upload as a Google document. 

You can download my condensed version here:   (all 3 links are the same - just pick one - I like to give alternatives, as some don't like one site or another for file-sharing)

4 Shared
MediaFire  (no wait times!)
My server

OK!  That's it for now... I've been working on a couple of projects for 2 upcoming E-Zine features with my designs, so I'll have some news on that before too long.  ;)  Am also working on a collab with the awesomely talented Correen Silke - I've always loved her beautiful and elegant designs, and am so excited to be doing a collab with her!   (and so thankful that she is extra-patient with my pokey self!! LOL!)

Hope your summer is going great!   I've been doing a bit of canning, and thinking I might post more about that - with pictures and recipe - my Mother-In-Law gave me her recipe for the MOST delicious red cinnamon-spicy pickles - they are SOoo yummy, and now I'm on my 2nd year of making them too.  Hopefully as soon as I get the USB cord I need from Ebay (for a new-to-me camera that my son found while tubing IN A RIVER, at the bottom!!  A waterproof Olympus Stylus Tough, with no info at all from the owner, so we have no way to know who lost it -  and it works perfectly!  David didn't really want it, so we worked out a little deal and now it's mine.  :)  )  I'll be able to get some of those canning  pics into my 'puter and posted here.  :)    Oh - and guess what else David found - a large Black Hills Gold ring, valued between $150 and $200! Again with no way to know who lost it, so he's the lucky boy, I guess!

I hope the keyboard shortcuts is helpful and handy for you!  :)   If you find this helpful, please hit one of those "share" or "re-tweet" buttons below so more people can grab it - thank you!  :)

And one last note - be sure to stop in my ScrapDish shop on Friday, when we have $1 day!  Each of the ScrapDish designers can have 3 items on sale for just a buck - your chance to grab stuff at rock-bottom price!


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 6 post on Aug. 11, 2010. Thanks again.

Lil Miss Persephone said...

Ha, thats so cool you found the camera - I LOVE YOUR three column cheat sheet, so in my mind u paid it forward (the luck of getting the camera) by helping us with cs5.
You have to tell us more about your opinions on scrapping with elements Vs Photoshop 5 - I am a newbie and have both, but most tuts are for PSE.
I love your blog!!

Ren from Oz

grannymike said...

Thanks so much for this info. I am one of those, however, who cannot open the file. I've downloaded it three times, so the problem is me. : ) I really do appreciate your info. I am trying a trial version of CS5 -- have only used elements before. I, too, am having a hard time finding tutorials for scrapping in CS5. I love the fact that there is more that I can do (and the fact that it has spell check as well), but I'm trying to decide if I can learn it well enough to justify buying it. I would appreciate any more feedback on it/suggestions, etc. Thanks again for the shortcuts.

Jill DZines said...

Hi GrannyMike! :)

I'm sorry you had trouble with the file. I have converted it to a Google Document (actually 3 documents, cuz I couldn't figure out how to add a page-break with the coluns!), and you can grab them here: (you'll probably have to copy/paste the long links, I think)

Page 1:

Page 2:

Page 3:

Hopefully these will work for you. :) If you use G-mail you shouldn't have any problem with opening these, I think.

The only other option I can think of would be a plain-text document (notepad) but that would end up being just one long list, with no columns or page-breaks, so I think this is probably better, if you want to be able to print it out.

HTH! (and I hope you come back and see this! I don't know any way to contact you - but you can always e-mail me - my e-mail is listed in left-hand column, near top of blog. :)

grannymike said...

Jill, thanks so much. I just got these printed out. They will be a great help. Like Lil Miss Persephone, I would appreciate any CS5 tips or where to find more help in scrapping with it, etc. I have about ten days left before deciding whether or not to take the "plunge." : ) The offer is for about half price, so that is good. However, half price is still a lot of money when I have PSE8. Thanks for all your help and goodies and for the cheat sheet.

Jill DZines said...

Hi (again!) GrannyMike! :)

Here are a couple of links for you, for PS tuts:

First is the HP (Hewlett-Packard) website, where they have ongoing (FREE!) classes about lots of stuff, including some beginning Photoshop classes:


My very favorite site for Photoshop (and almost all other!) tutorials is Lynda.com. This site has many Photoshop courses, from beginner through advanced. They are not "digi-scrap-specific" but they definitely will help you get a good handle on the software. I have an affiliate link on my blog, if you're interested in checking those out. They have recently begun to offer their site content on a monthly basis (instead of just yearly), which is fantastic for someone who just wants to learn one or two programs.

Another favorite for Photoshop tuts, and these are very much digi-scrap related, are the video tuts that Linda Sattgast does - you can find them here:


I learned PSE using one of Linda's CDs (Learn Digi-Scrapping with PSE-3), and she makes everything very, very easy! I have been a subscriber to Linda's "Premiere" monthly newsletter for a few years now, and love getting new tutorials each month, all for digital scrapbook-related Photoshop tuts. The beginning lessons would probably be most helpful for you. :)

J J said...

Thank you for your shortcut detail on PS CS5. I just installed the program after using a much older version of PS, this information is very helpful.

Fun blog to read, surprisingly I just posted, on my blog, about freezing my tomatoes. I do can at times but I was too busy for that process. Too busy, yes, playing with this great new program..

The other thing that struck me as odd coincidence is that we recently found an Olympus waterproof camera too, I ordered parts to connect and charge it, those parts are not in.

Jill DZines said...

Hey JJ, thanks for your comments!

How fun that you found the same camera! Amazing! I will tell you where I got a couple accessories for mine - I bought a charger (plug in the wall, not computer) super-cheap on E-bay - and the cable and an extra battery as well! Here are the sellers I bought from, with great, quick service, &
great prices:

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For Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 6000 1050 SW USB Cable - $4.85, free shipping - seller =

HTH! :)